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Join an inspiring community of medical writers for coworking and collaboration

About the Anthill

Our mission is to help you succeed in your medical writing career. We provide a supportive, engaging community for medical writers at all career stages.

Are you tired of endless internet searches to find the best software? Not sure how to respond to a tricky client situation? Confused about contract clauses? Looking for tips on getting new clients? Just want to chat about work with someone who gets the ups & downs of med comms?

We help you save time, improve focus, set goals and generally improve your career.

Join coworkers who know what you're going through and will support you all the way.

What to expect...

  • A community of supportive peers: Colleagues who know what you're going through and have your back
  • Discussion forum: Get feedback on your med comms and freelancing questions - including those questions you're afraid to ask elsewhere
  • Meet & Greets: Monthly mixer calls to help you get to know other medical writers
  • Daily polls and discussion prompts: Online questions and polls to help challenge your thinking and push you to succeed
  • Office Hours: Weekly call to discuss freelancing or medical writing-related questions
  • Work SprintsVirtual coworking with like-minded peers
  • Show & Tell: Members share something helpful, inspiring, or interesting
  • AccountabilityWeekly calls to share your to-do list and be held accountable by supportive colleagues
  • Writer Spotlights: Get to know other medical writers, including their career journey so far

We believe collaboration is better than competition

It's not social media... it's better!

  • No ads or distractions
  • No sponsored posts
  • No confusing algorithms 

...just a group of individuals coming together to help each other succeed!

What members are saying...

It can be challenging to make meaningful connections when working remotely; thanks to the Anthill, I have colleagues I can turn to for mentorship, support, and friendship. Additionally, this community has provided me with invaluable resources to jumpstart my career—I received my current job as a direct result of this network!  ~Sacha Song, MD

I love that everyone in the Anthill shares a passion for medical writing. We support each other and everyone is super helpful. I get a lot of information from the exchanges in this group! ~Mercy Cheres, PhD

Being a member of the Anthill community means being connected to likeminded professionals. It is a positive space and so much fun to be a part of. I particularly enjoy being able to ask questions in a semi-private environment yet still getting input from a variety of experienced members, attending weekly catalyst calls when I feel like I need a boost of accountability, and being a part of the lively community discussions. ~Kathy Halievski, PhD

We can't wait to meet you!

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